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The Company

Location: Located in upscale Key Biscayne, Miami-Dade, Florida, Adriana Sabino Interiors has been creating unique high-end residential interiors for a local and international clientele since 1989.

Interiors: Every project is designed to reflect the personality of the client.

Our interiors are elegant, comfortable, refined, blending contemporary and traditional elements.

We include many custom designed furniture and accessories and always emphasize the architecture of the volumes and the distribution of space.

Elements of Design: We like extensive use of lighting. Texture is very important. Few and well designed furniture items using natural materials.

Services: Adriana Sabino Interiors, Inc.  provides a wide range of customized services, adapted to each job. We work closely with the clients in every step of the project in order to assure that their dream becomes a reality.

      • Space planning
      • Interior decoration consulting
      • Market research
      • Custom design of furniture
      • Renovation design
      • Purchasing
      • Project coordination and supervision
      • Installation

Fees: In a complete project : cost plus percentage